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Last day of school Thursday, June 7th @12:45 dismissal -- Have a great summer break!! School Resumes Tuesday, August 14th

Character Counts!

The Six Pillars of Character

The Six Pillars of Character is a framework for teaching good character and is composed of six ethical values (characteristics) everyone can agree upon: Trustworthiness; Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; Caring; and Citizenship. Each of the six character traits are used within our CHARACTER COUNTS! program to help instill a positive learning environment for students and a “culture of kindness” making schools a safe environment for students to learn. The Six Pillars of Character values are not political, religious, or culturally biased. In fact, every year since 1995 our program has been officially recognized and endorsed by the U.S. Senate and The President of the United States. Here are the pillars that we use at Wilbur Charter.

Like you, we hold the highest expectations for student achievement and for the character and conduct of every student.  And every day, our studets are recognized via "Character Counts" certificates for their adherence to the program.

 We look forward to your support in our continuing efforts to build a strong school community comprised of individuals who demonstrate trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship every day.  Character does count at Wilbur Charter!



Character Counts!  Students are to carefully read the following "Commitment to Character" and pledge themselves to being the best person they can be by practicing the "Six Pillars of Character" every day that include the following:


Trustworthiness is being honest, telling the truth, and keeping promises.

  1. Tell the truth, be honest, and return what you borrow.
  2. Look for goodness in others.  Do not talk behind anyone's back, spread rumors, or engage in harmful gossip.


Respect is judging people on their merits, being courteous and polite, and appreciating and accepting individual differences.  It means treating others the way you would like to be treated.

  1. Show respect for all persons regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability, culture, or sexual orientation.
  2. Think about what you say to others.  Do not use profanity, obscene gestures, abusive language, and racially or sexually derogatory remarks towards students, staff or other persons.
  3. Behave courteously and cooperatively towards teachers, staff and other students.
  4. Treat others like you want to be treated.  Never threaten, harm, bully, intimidate, abuse, mistreat, exploit, or fight with anyone.


Responsibility is fulfilling your school, family, and community obligations. Responsible people think ahead, set reasonable goals, control their tempers, and do not give up easily.

  1. Be responsible for what you do.  Never bring to school or threaten anyone with a weapon (including a toy weapon such as a gun, knife, explosive device, tear gas, firecracker, or other dangeruos devices.
  2. Keep your body healthy.  Do not use and/or possess alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
  3. Attend school daily and be on time.
  4. Be prepared daily by bringing all necessary material to class, including textbooks and homework.


Fairness is playing by the rules, taking turns, sharing, and listening.  A fair person is tolerant, open-minded and tries to understand what others are saying and feeling.

  1. Talk out problems when they occur.
  2. Show through your behavior that you believe that all people should be treated the same.


Caring is being kind, helpful and generous to everyone.

  1. Report to school staff any information that someone has threatened to cause or caused harm to themselves or others.
  2. Help others without being asked.


Citizenship is doing your share to help your family and make your school and community a better place.  A good citizen plays by the rules.

  1. Obey all school rules and laws.
  2. Take care of all books, materials, equipment, and school property.
  3. Wear clothing that adheres to the school dress code and is appropriate for school.
  4. Help to keep our campus clean by throwing away trash properly.