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Last day of school Thursday, June 7th @12:45 dismissal -- Have a great summer break!! School Resumes Tuesday, August 14th

Parking Information

Wilbur Charter for Enriched Academics

Dear Wilbur Families:

The new school year is always a good time to reinforce and review the traffic rules/safety valet rules to help keep our children, faculty, and families safe at all times. By following these safety guidelines and reinforcing them with your children, you are helping to teach your children both respect and good habits that will benefit them their entire lives.

Traffic Rules

-Observe the posted speed limit around schools-it is there for a reason!

-Do not make illegal U-turns or three point turns at any time.

-Do not double park at any time.

-Do not jaywalk through the traffic lanes-please walk your child to the nearest crosswalk to walk across the street safely. Large SUVs are unable to see students when crossing in between cars.

-Do not ever pull into the staff lot or use the staff lot to make a U-turn. This creates congestion and causes our faculty/staff to occasionally be late while waiting for parents to leave the lot.

-Do not park or block the red zone or the bus lane or knock down the traffic cones.

-Be alert for pedestrians crossing the street at the corner of Crebs and Canasta-too many cars speed through the Stop signs.

Wilbur Valet Parking Rules

Our Booster Club, Friends of Wilbur, graciously provides for an aide to oversee the valet drop-off in the morning (on Wilbur along the back side of the school, by the garden gate) before school. This allows parents to drop off their students without having to park. Please observe these rules when using the drop off in the morning, and remember, this is a drop-off lane only-there is no parking on this stretch of Wilbur!

-Follow the direction of school staff by pulling up to the gate before having your child exit your car.

-The morning gates open at 7:45 AM, and the gates close immediately after the second bell at 8:06 AM. Please do not ask the school staff to open the gates if you are running late-you will have to go around to the main office to sign your child in. Students are expected to be in line at the 8:01 AM bell.

-Students should have materials and backpacks ready, and kisses given, before entering the valet line. Students may only exit the car on the curb side.

Safety of our students, faculty and families is our highest priority, and by working together and observing the rules, we can continue to maintain keeping our streets and school safe for everyone.

Thank you for your support!


Deborah Plat, Principal 8/15/17