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Last day of school Thursday, June 7th @12:45 dismissal -- Have a great summer break!! School Resumes Tuesday, August 14th
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Discipline Policy

Proper student behavior is an essential element of a successful school program. California Education Code 48921 states:

"All pupils shall comply with the regulations, pursue the requirements of study, and submit to the authority of teachers of the school."

Wilbur Charter for Enriched Academics Student Behavior Code

These rules apply everywhere on our campus BEFORE DURING AND AFTER school hours.  The following is expected of ALL students:

General Expectations

  1. Be courteous to adults and children.
  2. Show responsibility at all times.
  3. Show respect for school property by not littering or writing on furniture or walls.

Yard Rules

  1. Stay in designated grade level areas at playtime except when using drinking fountains and restrooms.  No one may be out of their assigned areas without a teacher. 
  2. Run only in play areas at playtime; walk in all other areas.
  3. Follow the rules for each game and show good sportsmanship.
  4. DO NOT leave school grounds to recover a ball, or for any other reason.
  5. When the bell rings, all play STOPS. FREEZE! Wait for signal from supervising adults before WALKING to class lines.
  6. Stay in grade level play areas and watch games if not playing.
  7. Children with casts, crutches, or stitches must sit in the office during lunch and recess.
  8. Food should be eaten in the lunch area only.  No food on the yard.
  9. Keep off planters and planted areas around school.

Walkways and Hall Rules

  1. Always walk quietly, keeping to the right, with hands and feet off walls, doors, and other students.  Be considerate of classes that are trying to work.
  2. Have a hall pass and “buddy” at all times if out of room during class.
  3. Enter the office only with an office pass.
  4. No running up or down the stairs in the two-story building.

Cafeteria Area Rules

  1. NEVER throw food or ANY object at anyone.
  2. No glass bottles are allowed at school.
  3. Have your lunch money ready before entering the lunch line.
  4. Stand quietly in the lunch line.
  5. Use good table manners and speak in a quiet voice.
  6. Each person is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  7. No dismissal without permission before a minimum of 15 minutes eating time at lunch.
  8. Remain quietly seated until dismissed by the adult in charge.

Restroom Rules

  1. Keep restrooms clean and at all times.  Turn off water.  No paper on floors or ceilings.  Do not stand on toilets or climb on stall doors.
  2. Report any problems IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Do not play in the restroom areas at any time.

Dress Code

  1. No T-shirts with suggestive language or depiction of violence, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol advertising.
  2. No distracting clothing such as bare midriffs, spaghetti straps or long earrings.
  3. No open-toed sandals, open backed, high platform shoes, or shoes with roller wheels, as this is a safety issue.
  4. Pants must stay up without a belt.

General Rules

  1. Roller-blades, skateboards, bicycles or scooters on campus are not allowed.
  2. Using a cell phone during the school day, during instructional time, or during recess or lunch is prohibited per LAUSD policy.
  3. Students may not enter/exit the school through the teacher’s parking lot.
  4. Students are not allowed, at any time, in the teacher’s lounge.


  1. Fighting (hitting, biting, kicking or spitting.)
  2. Stealing from other students.
  3. Carrying weapons (including toy and look-alike weapons.)
  4. Extortion or bullying other children.
  5. Writing on or defacing school property.

Severe or continued infractions of the above issues may result in suspension and/or expulsion from school.