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Governance Council Meeting 2/27/2018 @ 2:40PM - Lottery forms are available NOW through April 23, 2018 Please see the website www.wilburcharter.org  - Go to Parents/Forms on the website for more information or come to the office to fill out a Lottery form.  Every Wednesday is College T-Shirt Day!!  Help our school and collect and TURN IN your Box Tops For Education to your child's teacher year round!

School Policies

Class Assignments

Classrooms are organized using the following priorities:

  • Heterogeneous groups: a cross section of abilities must be maintained in each class.
  • Class size: a balance in the number of boys and girls in each class.
  • Ethnicity: a balance in student ethnicity
  • Behavior: separating students who work better when not together

We believe we provide a positive learning environment in every class at Wilbur Charter for Enriched Academics. The individual differences between teachers and their teaching styles will only serve to enrich and expand your child’s life and learning experiences. Class formation is a complicated process, and per LAUSD district policy, we do not take requests for individual teachers. The teachers put forth a tremendous effort to determine appropriate placement for your child. Every attempt is made to balance the classes. The teachers make decisions as to class placement, and class placement is final. Changes will only be made for the necessary re-organization of classes that may occur after the school year begins.

Attendance and Punctuality

In order to promote continuous academic growth, students need to attend school every day possible.  Please try to schedule non-emergency medical and other appointments after school or on the weekends.  Students who are ill should stay home.  Students returning from any absence MUST bring a signed note specifying the reason for the absence.  Students arriving late to class will be marked tardy.  Late-arriving students disrupt the classroom routine.  In the State of California, three tardies constitute truancy.  Please help your child be on time every day.

Birthday Parties

Wilbur Charter, along with LAUSD, is committed to providing an environment where students can learn to make healthy choices for lifelong health. Studies show that good nutrition increases student achievement. As our goal is to provide a high quality education for every student, we are unable to take time to hold birthday parties at school.  For the last six years, cupcakes, donuts, cookies and birthday cakes are not allowed on campus, at any time. We appreciate your continuing cooperation with this policy!

Emergency Cards

Each child must have an emergency card on file with current information.  Having current phone numbers of where you or another responsible relative can be reached is essential.  If a number changes, please let us know immediately.  A second card (white) is also required.  There are kept in the classroom to be used in case of an earthquake or emergency.



At dismissal, traveling students will exit via the Crebs gate nearest the buses.  All other students will exit either via the Wilbur Avenue gate in the garden area, the Crebs gate nearest Canasta, or the Crebs gate nearest the flagpole.  Kindergarteners will use their own gate.  Please be on time to pick up your child.


Parents are also requested to arrange with their children a designated meeting place away from the heavy traffic of Wilbur and Crebs Avenue.  If you plan to pick your child up more than a few minutes after dismissal, you might consider picking your children up on the after-school playground for grades 2-5 only.  The playground is open for three and one-half hours after dismissal (usually until 6:00 p.m.), with supervision provided by LAUSD youth services.  Students in grades 2-5 must have a signed consent form on file with the Youth Services Supervisor.  These forms will be sent home at the beginning of the year.  Students in grades TK, K and 1 are not allowed on the main yard after school due to safety reasons.


Traffic Safety

Traffic congestion at dismissal is a perennial problem.  Please keep safety utmost in your thoughts at this time and remember the following: (1) double parking is illegal and unsafe, (2) dropping off or picking up students in the parking lot is both unsafe and illegal (violators will be ticketed), (3) Wilbur Avenue is a one-way street, (4) the intersection of Wilbur and Crebs is especially busy and not a good place to pick up children (please come to a complete stop there, avoid U-turns and obey the crossing guard) and (5) children should be taught to cross only at corners after looking in all directions.  If someone other than yourself picks up your child, please remind them of these safety rules, especially if the driver is an older sibling.


Medicines and Health

School personnel may administer Prescription medications, but only under the following conditions:  (1) the medicine is brought to the office by an adult; (2) it must be accompanied by a physician’s written instructions and be contained in a properly identified and dated pharmaceutical container with dosage and frequency clearly labeled.  Forms to obtain a Physician’s signature are available in the front office. Non-prescription medicines, such as aspirin and cough syrup, etc. are not permitted.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.


Students returning to school following serious or prolonged illnesses, injuries, broken bones, surgery, or with crutches or stitches must present a written statement from their doctor (per LAUSD policy) indicating permission to return to school and any recommendations regarding physical activity.  All students with crutches, casts, stitches, etc. will spend their recess and lunch period with a friend in the safety of the office.  Again, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.