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Last day of school Thursday, June 7th @12:45 dismissal -- Have a great summer break!! School Resumes Tuesday, August 14th

Our Curriculum



Preschool for all learners offers developmentally approved curriculum for children ages 3 years to 5 years of age.  The curriculum covers the California Preschool Foundations with a focus on all six domains, (Social/Emotional, Language, Cognitive, Physical, Literacy and Mathematics).



Transitional Kindergarten is the first year of a two year kinder program.  The focus is on the developmental social-emotional skills while providing age appropriate and developmental experiences in language, literacy, math, the arts, science and social science.  The students begin to work toward the common core Kindergarten content standards by the end of the year. The majority of the year the students are following the California Pre-school Curriculum Framework and the Preschool Learning Foundation.  All instruction is modified in order to be age and developmentally appropriate.


1st Grade

Rigorous academics continue in 1st grade.  Students will enjoy a curriculum with an emphasis on developing strong reading and writing skills.  By the end of 1st grade, each student should be reading with a fluency of 65 words per minute.  Students will further develop their writing skills by creating complete, detailed sentences with correct punctuation and learn how to use thinking maps in their writing process.  Math will continue with addition and subtraction, and students will work on telling time, measurement and money skills, fractions and math facts.  In science and social studies, students will explore the world around us, life cycles (Journeys, Space, Continents and oceans) through exciting, hands-on, inquiry based lessons. 


 2nd Grade

2nd grade is a year of transformation where students become independent and responsible learners.  Language arts focuses on reading grade level text with fluency and comprehension, using vocabulary and comprehension strategies, while concurrently applying knowledge of grade level phonics.   Students read and comprehend informational texts, and use this information to collaboratively research social studies and science topics.  Students then compose informational/explanatory pieces of writing.  In addition, writing instruction focuses on writing complete, coherent paragraphs, letters, opinion-based, and narrative writing. In mathematics the focus is on:  place value, number sense, skip counting, geometry, measurement, graphing, and adding and subtracting triple digit numbers with regrouping. Students learn to share and explain solution strategies in oral and written form. To support this, addition and subtraction facts to 20 will be memorized.  Science units include the study of insects and plants, balance and motion, and pebbles, sand, and silt.  Social studies units focus on different cultures and heritage (culminating with an ancestor faire), then and now, and courageous American figures.  The use of technology is incorporated throughout the curriculum in a variety of ways (IXL, Accelerated Reader, Power Point, Paws in Typing Town, and more).  PE, art, music, and health subjects are integrated into the curriculum as well. 


3rd Grade

3rd grade is a transition year for students.  We are no longer learning to read, but to learn.  Language Arts focuses on comprehension, fluency and understanding what you have read.  We work on multi-paragraph essays - informational, narrative, and persuasive and grammar and literary elements. Math focuses on multiplication and division, place value, geometry, statistics and it also focuses on fractions, area / perimeter and multiplication facts thru 10 by the end of the year.  Our Social Studies unit covers California regions, and community which includes those who lived on the land before us, the Native Americans. Science focuses on space, life cycles, matter and energy.


4th Grade

In 4th grade, we continue to learn by reading with higher level texts.  Language Arts focuses on comprehension, building vocabulary and seeing the connection between reading and writing.  Writing is a major focus and students move from writing one paragraph to writing multiple paragraphs with a thesis, topic sentence and supporting details and concluding sentences.  Math continues building on previously learned skills.  Multiplication skills are reinforced, and division skills mastered.  Rounding numbers, comparing fractions and decimals, placing fractions and decimals on a higher number line, place value to a million and composite and prime numbers.  Social Studies will focus on California geography and history, with an emphasis on early California to statehood.  Science includes life science, (ecosystems, food chains, food webs), earth science (types of rocks and how they are formed), and physical science (magnets and electricity).


5th Grade

5th grade is the year we refine students’ skills and prepare them for transition to middle school. We work on study skills to prepare students for middle school.  Language Arts will emphasize writing skills, parts of speech, fluency and comprehension.  Math will focus on division, fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry (formulas).  Science units cover plant versus animal life, water, physical vs. chemical changes and the solar system. Our Social Studies unit is the United States.